Patries Landwehr


Human beings and society recur as themes in Patries Landwehr's projects.

Since 2012 Patries has been working on a project called "Automotion". With "Automotion" she tries to articulate her environment, people's appearance, and their hidden emotions. Various emotions and perculiar situations are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Each theme requires specific colours and oil painting techniques to emphasize her view and interpretation of a situation. Patries will keep working on "Automotion" for an indefinite time.

Nothing is as beautiful as living your life. 


Patries is a member of professional Brabant artist group: Stichting Kubra:

For other memberships and events see my LinkedIn page: Patricia van Weert - Landwehr

Patries works(ed) as curator on behalf of Kubra in 2015 in an exposition in Mechelen and in 2016 in Weert, in Art Issues Gallery.

In 2017, end of July - August Patricia is curator for De Ruimte Kunst (via Kubra) 


2017 - studying ceramics at gallery K. Roovers

2013  - continuing research of oil techniques and other materials (is not published on website)

2007 - Studying techniques from A. Bloemaert A. Dürer, Rembrandt en Van Gogh

2007 - Studying techniques G. (de) Lairesse.

2007-2012 Art Academie for Schone Kunsten in België

2001-2003 Making illustrations for monthly magazine Melach HaArets

1994 Instruction portrait painting from Philene de Laat de Kanter